Discover Your Soul Purpose

Activate Your Starchetype...

...and finally understand how to use your unique energetic signature to manifest your best life, full of abundance, success, and meaning...

Hello, Starseed...

🔎 If you've been looking for a sign that it's time to start LIVING your life's purpose instead of running away from it... close attention to what I've written for you on this page.


Because I get it, you're DONE getting caught up in the "Starseed Struggle"...

...and dealing with "Ascension Flu" symptoms every. Single. Day. 😵‍💫

You're probably in resonance with your unique Starchetype, but holding onto outdated and stagnant energy...

...that's keeping you feeling heavy, confused, and stuck... you try to determine what to DO with this potent information...

...while still wading through the MUCK of your initial energetic ascension.

So, what's Ascension Flu anyway?

If your google search history looks something like this...
You're probably right in the thick of it.

I know this because when I first started on my spiritual awakening journey, I had it too. BIG TIME. 

I felt like my head was stuck in a thick soupy mess that I couldn't see my way out of, no matter what I tried.

And I'm sure RIGHT NOW your thoughts are swirling in that same cycle too, caught up in an endless string of questions like...

🤨who you are and why you came here...

👯‍♀️wondering if you'll ever "fit in"...

waiting to live the purpose you know you're destined for but can't figure out how...

🧩feeling in resonance with your Starchetype quiz result and imprint's description but not quite sure how to tap into its power...

🦄 and constantly being afraid to be the REAL YOU because you're worried people will think you're nuts...

...all of these questions are NORMAL, Starseed.

But, I'm here to tell you that this struggle eventually ends...

NOT by doing nothing. 🙅‍♀️

By taking aligned action to make the most of your soul's gifts, even when it feels impossible.

And, if you're still reading this...

You're READY for what's next.
It's time for you to move into the next phase of your awareness...

where you NO LONGER have to be confused by outdated information that's designed to keep you frustrated and stuck.
Listen, when I was trying to understand the shared death experience I had when my twin flame left this Earth, I was *super* confused too.

So, I did all the things that other people with "spiritual street cred" did...

...because I thought that getting information on my Starseed lineage would somehow help connect me with his spirit...

...and I could finally get the answers I was so desperate for.

The thing I didn't know was that I already held the answers to life's biggest questions WITHIN. 

The Starchetype System was waiting to be received...holding the key for every Starseed who struggled, just like me, with ascension symptoms, loneliness, doubt, resistance, and lack, to be FREE of energetic traps designed to dim our light.

I'm so thankful I remained open to receiving the codes for the Council of Twelve Starchetype Imprints...

... a family of awakened souls that YOU belong to, Starseed...

... who have all come here to HELP humanity in these trying times.

But, a very wise person (hi, Mom!) once told me that you can't help someone else without helping YOURSELF first.

And that's why I'm here:

to help YOU, Starseed.

I know that you hold one of these twelve imprints, too, because you specifically chose it to serve your soul's highest growth and purpose in this lifetime.

And, if you're ready to let me help you drop the Starseed Struggle for good...

...It's time to understand what the Starchetype you chose to hold for this incarnation really means.
Everything you need to know about exactly how to: 

✅ Understand Your Cosmic Gifts - you may have untapped potential for manifestation or astral projection, and this program will help you use those gifts to create a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

✅ Discover Your Soul's Purpose - you are here for a reason, and it’s much more important than working a 9 to 5 job. With Activate + Align, you’ll finally discover your soul’s purpose so you can become the person you were meant to be.

✅ Create Financial Abundance the Right Way. (The Law of Attraction is an outdated concept that no longer works in our timeline… but you can still “manifest” what you want with a proven system of Actualization.)

✅ Strengthen Your Relationships – As a Starseed, you have a unique way of communicating, understanding, and loving. By learning about your unique imprint, you’ll be able to develop richer and stronger relationships.

✅ Reinvigorate Your Love Life. Whether you’re still looking for the right person or you worry about your relationship “fizzing out,” the path to creating the love life you want begins by fully understanding yourself.

✅ Care For Your Unique Energetic Needs. Just like introverts and extroverts have wildly different needs and forms of self-care, the 12 Starchetype Imprints all have unique energetic needs… and if you haven’t been tending to yours, you may be feeling burned out, stressed, and anxious.

✅ Experience Clarity + Confidence In Your Life – If you feel like you’re wandering the Earth without a clear sense of direction, it’s because the Universe has a bigger purpose for you. Once you discover that purpose, you’ll feel more confidence and live with more clarity than ever before. inside my brand-new Activate + Align Mini-Course made just for awakening Starseeds like you!

Activate + Align will teach you everything you need to know about using your Starchetype gifts to be a fully awakened Starseed living in the New Earth timeline. 

Here's How Activate + Align Works...

Step 1: Activate Your Starchetype

Listen To The Activation Audio To Start Your Activation Process...

If you’ve ever struggled to listen to your guides or channel clear and precise messages, this activation is for you. 🔮

Use this potent audio transmission to instantly tap into all of your Clairs abilities (yes, you have them!) and use the wisdom you receive from your channel to create massive positive changes in your life and the lives of others.

This activation is encoded with a specific frequency to initiate your Starchetype into the attunement phase, making you more aware of your multidimensional self and intuitively tapped into Source connection.

"I've returned to this audio over and over again, and have found through my personal practice that it is THE most effective resource I have for clearing my energy field. Thank you!!"

- Katy S.

Step 2: Receive Your Soul Imprint

Learn your purpose for choosing this Earth incarnation with a series of three special lessons designed to merge your awakened awareness with everyday reality. 

These potent video lessons, worksheets, and exercises are designed to facilitate understanding of how your unique Starchetype imprint fits into the Starchetype System as a whole while giving you the foundational knowledge you need to tap into its power. PLUS, all of the lessons are customized for YOUR Starchetype only, so you get all the info you need quickly and easily.

Here's What You'll Learn...

Lesson 1: Your Starchetype Imprint

Get the full scoop on what it means to hold YOUR Starchetype's imprint inside of this lesson. Here, you'll learn key Starchetype basics you need to know in order to understand how your energy works and what your Soul mission is.

  • Read your Starchetype Mission Map + discover your core energetic gifts
  • ​Learn when your Illumination Phase, an annual 12-day period of rapid expansion and awakening, occurs during the calendar year
  • ​Understand an overview of the responsibilities and cosmic talents your soul chose for this lifetime

Lesson 2: Your Multidimensional Mission

Want to know what your Quantum self is accomplishing in the multiverse through your Starchetype imprint? This lesson will reveal the secrets of your vibrational frequency and affirm your purpose for being awake and aware on Earth, now.

  • Discover which crystals are most supportive of your energy
  • Learn how to work with your dominant Lightbody aura color
  • ​Receive specific practices + rituals to facilitate abundance

Lesson 3: Your 3D Self

In the Starchetype System, there's no such thing as "strengths and weaknesses"...instead, learn the simple shifts you can make to maximize your energy in everyday life through important focus areas. Inside of this lesson, you'll learn how your Starchetype imprint translates as specific preferences and personality traits in density, so you can better understand how others perceive your aura and anchor in a new way of BEing.

  • Understand how other Starchetype Imprints perceive your unique energy
  • ​Learn about how your multidimensional self is mirrored in your everyday preferences and personality expression
  • Receive gentle guidance on how to effectively communicate with others and how your Starchetype influences relationships
  • ​Unlock your Starchetype's method for manifesting abundance
  • ​Get my personal recommendations for optimal wellness + play so you can ENJOY your life in gratitude

Step 3: Work With
Special Bonus Gifts 🎁
To Take Your Awareness To The Next Level

When you purchase Activate + Align, you'll receive two exclusive bonuses you can use to shift your vibrational frequency into abundance faster than you ever thought possible...

Bonus Gift #1: Density Decondition

Learn how to detach from lower density Egoic codes with Density Decondition: a Reflective Journal.

Inside of this guide, you will work through a series of prompts that will help you uncover how your learned behavioral constructs may be interfering with living your multidimensional truth... you can begin to create a framework for thought and action that feels true and nourishing for you. 

Bonus Gift #2: Advanced Masterclass

Learn the three secrets to living a fulfilled and abundant life as a Starseed in this impactful workshop that will help you shift into the role your Starchetype was meant to play. 

Opportunities to access my advanced workshops are usually by invitation to my students and private clients only, but yours is included as special thank-you gift for completing the Activate + Align lessons so you can learn how to apply your Starchetype energy to create your desired reality while helping our collective efforts to embrace ascension consciousness at the same time!

Plus... there's an additional surprise gift you'll see in your learning portal as soon as you join...

...that will help you make the most of your manifestation abilities during YOUR personal Illumination Phase.

Get Started With Activate + Align...


And BTW...You're Covered By The Boldest
100% Satisfaction Guarantee In The Galaxy 👀

Here's my promise to you...
I guarantee that you’ll love this mini-course or it’s FREE.

Yep! That’s right.

Learn what you need to know to activate your Starchetype imprint today and if you don’t begin to experience a deeper level of inner awareness within the first 14 days of integrating the contents into your life – I’ll promptly return your money.

Just send me an email and I'll refund you, no questions asked.💖

So you can get started manifesting your best life now with zero risk.

There's literally nothing to lose...

...and clarity on your SOUL purpose to gain.

And I Almost Forgot To Mention...

You're Eligible To Earn REWARDS For Taking Action NOW!

Wouldn't it be fun to get PAID for learning something new and useful about yourself?!

 While our currency in the Starchetype System, isn't *quite* can start building your bank towards getting some pretty nifty rewards like bonus meditations, private coaching sessions, hidden resources, Starchetype Swag and MORE!

So, dive in to the learning portal and start earning your first...


(sorry, we couldn't resist!) 😉

...and find special easter eggs and achievement badges along your journey too.

We know that learning new esoteric concepts can be challenging, so we've decided to switch things up and make the awakening process FUN (dare we say...enjoyable?!) for you instead!

So, you can stop letting your fear of being overwhelmed by information get in your way...

...and instead, take aligned action to join over 100,000 Starseeds who have used this system to uncover true meaning and a newfound level of purpose in their lives. 💯

And in case you're wondering...

There's No Catch.

No recurring fees, subscriptions, or hidden costs...

This mini-course is yours for one single payment of $44.

I've gotten so many requests to compile information JUST about individual Starchetype only... that I knew creating this course would be the most helpful and easiest way for Starseeds who are new to this potent system to take the "shortcut" in understanding how it works!

With that said, there's one thing to keep in mind...

Time Is Of The Essence

The value of what's in this course is easily over $700...and I'm only offering this special price to the first 100 Starseeds who take action and enroll.

The last time we launched a new Starchetype Mini-Course at such a low price, our system almost crashed because of how quickly it sold!

My 5D business operates in divine flow, so I can never predict if and when I will ever sell these resources at this price again.

This is truly a limited-time offer, so claim yours before it's gone!

You're Only One Step Away From Receiving Your Chosen Soul Imprint, Starseed...

Get Activate + Align NOW And Start Cultivating A Deeper Sense Of Peace + Purpose

Activation Audio
($97 Value)

This Potent Audio Will Clear Your Lightbody INSTANTLY So You Can Receive New Multidimensional Codes NOW!

💜 Listen anywhere, anytime

💜 Take time to connect with yourself in a gentle + supportive way

💜Feel affirmed in your cosmic purpose

3 Interactive Lessons
($197 Value)

Everything You Need To Know To Start Working With Your Starchetype's Gifts And Immediately Understand Your Soul Purpose

💖 Ditch the outdated info about Starseed Lineage and get the ONLY thing you need to activate your lightbody instead

💖Read your personalized mission map and learn about the best ways for you to manifest abundant relationships, opportunities, and 3D goodies

💖 Cultivate connection with your multidimensional self

Bonus Gifts
($444 Value)

My Most-Requested Masterclass PLUS Tools To Help You Manifest The Life You Want!

✨ Learn the three mistakes you might be making in your manifestation practice and how to fix them

✨ Powerful de-conditioning journal to help you get rid of karmic gunk that doesn't belong to you

✨ Bonus Surprise Gift

Get Instant Access For $44

Here's a fraction of what you'll learn inside of this quick + easy mini-course...
  • 8 ways to master your multidimensional purpose. Discover your purpose here and begin to walk down your own unique path.
  • ​The TRUTH about Starseed Lineage… and why you might feel like you don’t belong in your own Earth family.
  • ​​​Exactly what to do with your energy if you're feeling exhausted by ascension flu symptoms… and recharge yourself so you can feel revitalized and fully awake.
  • ​​​​The MOST EFFECTIVE strategy for eliminating confusion on your awakening journey – so you can stop feeling lost. 
  • ​Why it doesn’t matter how many "spiritual practices" you engage with when you do this ONE THING that stops you from reaching your full potential before you even get started. 
  • ​The most potent time of year for you to manifest what you want in your life… PLUS what crystals + aura colors will supercharge your abilities fast.
  • ​Curious about how other Starseeds read your energy? Find out how your frequency is received by others so you can connect on a deeper level with other Starseeds!
  • ​Why YOUR Starchetype was designed to live an abundant and magical life, even if you’ve struggled with money all your life.
  • ​​​Your keys to effective communication, partnerships, self-care and more 🔑 … and most of them take just minutes to unlock!


If there's one thing I know to be true, it is this:

If you are an awakened being living on this planet RIGHT NOW, you are strong enough to heal your life circumstances.

Your soul has already said a resounding YES to being an ambassador of light and love.

The planet is waiting for YOU to activate, Starseed.

Will I see you inside?

Saoirse Clare ✨The Starseed Coach

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